Training Model

Be Descrat


The term ‘Descrat’ coined by THE INSIDE YOU is derived from the word ‘Destiny Creator’. A human being is an emotional entity. Every incident and experience in life creates a direct-indirect impact on the emotions of a person. Tragedies, experiences of the past-present subconsciously make a person habituated to look at life from a negative perspective. As a result of which they forget to nurture and harness their true potential, uniqueness and get stagnant at emotional level. On the other hand, few individuals, have created miracles by harnessing their potential and have achieved success despite the lack of access to basic necessities in life. The ability of such individuals to deal with their emotional concerns in any pessimistic situation makes them unbeatable personality. Hence, more than merely being successful, they are ‘Descrat’ (Destiny Creator) of their own life.

To help youth to be winners, instead of victims to their emotions, THE INSIDE YOU is proposing a Life Skills Training Programme in the form of a project Be Descrat’…!!!  


Through a combination of inspirational training, coaching and practical tasks, it aims to help youth to tackle their emotional concerns and gain self-belief. 





Key Features of the training…



To increase the scope of our outreach…Picture5

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