Training Model

Be Descrat

After intensive study, we have developed an experiential life skills training model on various traits that are significant for being emotionally intelligent personality. Adaptation of the model will surely help you to overcome their emotional problems and upgrade your level of emotional intelligence.

The term ‘Descrat’ coined by THE INSIDE YOU is derived from the word ‘Destiny Creator’. A human being is an emotional entity. Every incident and experience in life creates a direct-indirect impact on the emotions of a person. Tragedies, experiences of the past-present subconsciously make a person habituated to look at life from a negative perspective. As a result of which they forget to nurture and harness their true potential, uniqueness and get stagnant at emotional level.

On the other hand, few individuals, have created miracles by harnessing their potential and have achieved success despite the lack of access to basic necessities in life. The ability of such individuals to deal with their emotional concerns in any pessimistic situation makes them unbeatable personality. Hence, more than merely being successful, they are ‘Descrat’ (Destiny Creator) of their own life.

To help young citizen to be winners, instead of victims to their emotions, THE INSIDE YOU is proposing a Life Skills Training Programme in the form of a project ‘Be Descrat’…!!!  Training model consist of…

PHASE- I (To put disciplined lifestyle into practice)
Destiny Designing Each trainee has to set a vision of life
Fall in Love with Destiny Practical approach of  avoiding obstacles to begin with journey towards the set vision
Roles Management Managing roles & responsibilities from the time perspective
Beliefs of Relationship Principles that helps to understand and upgrade belief system that determines individual’s relationship
PHASE-II (To gain self-belief)
Journey to be a Destiny Creator Exploration of uniqueness and inner potentials to the fullest and performing tasks that has never done throughout the life
Emotions Management To be a conqueror rather than victim of emotions by managing them
Tragedies Management To deal with past, present& future tragedies and generate positive references out of it
PHASE-III (Inner Self Purification)
Principles of Thoughts To understand significance of nurturing directive thought process& action oriented attitude
Sensitive Sexuality Clarification of some misconceptions about individual’s sexuality & sexual approach

Key Features of the training…


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