YOUTH who constitute the most important human resource, is brimming with potential, the most productive and economic group of the country often reach emotional stagnation in their academic, professional and personal lives. The problem persists due to lack of guidance to deal with issues at an emotional level.

THE INSIDE YOU is a registered social enterprise in life skills training | life coaching industry. We address ‘Emotional Stagnation’ among youth in urban India as a social issue. And provide practical life skills training to youth to make them aware about human emotional concerns, methods to deal with it and help them to attain and increased level of ‘Emotional Intelligence.’

Research shows that every aspect of human life has a close connection with their emotions and  the ability of the person to deal with various emotional concerns determines their quality of life and growth. Victims of ‘Emotional Stagnation’ lives their personal and professional lives with diffidence. It leads them to an unsatisfied way of living life and in unfortunate cases, keeps lives or relationships at stake. Hence, emotional stagnation is an invisible but hazardous problem of the society.

The Inside You overview (Updated)

THE INSIDE YOU believes that every person is born with distinctiveness that can be nurtured if they learn to appreciate the emotions of themselves and others. To deal with this social issue at a massive scale, the organization is fronting towards achieving its goal of ‘Emotional Transformation of Youth’.

The founder of the social enterprise has more four years of experience in life skills training industry and has facilitated an awareness of emotional well-being of more than 450 young adults.

“Every person on this earth has a reason behind his birth.”

— Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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  1. paresh

    The concept is good. It will surely help people . Good going …..


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