The Bad News…!!


It was a normal day in New York City, where a rich businessman, Mr. Scott, who was also famous for his kindness and philanthropic activities reached his office. He was engaged in important business meetings with foreign delegates in his cabin when he suddenly listened to the cry and yell of a man and a woman from his office premises. Leaving the meeting half-way he came out of his cabin and was shocked to see that his office staff was having argument with a couple in a scruffy cloths who wanted to meet Mr. Scott. Making his way through the office staff, Mr. Scott went ahead to meet that couple and asked for their concerns.

“We are very poor people” the man said, “And hence, we do not have any strong financial support. Our 3 years old child is suffering with incurable disease and doctors are not hopeful as well. The only way is to make a last try by surgery which is going to cost for more than $30000. We need to deposit the amount in the hospital by evening, otherwise, the situation may become worse. We beg you to help us for our child. He just took birth in this world and god is taking away our child from us.”

Touched by the couple’s story, Mr. Scott personally took efforts and immediately handed over cash of $30000/- to the couple and prayed to god for the wellness of their child. Expressing gratitude towards Mr. Scott, couple took the money and left the office.

All these incidents took an hour to resolve and the delegates who were waiting in the cabin of Mr. Scott also packed up the meeting half way as they were getting late to catch their flight. It resulted in an unsuccessful meeting and a huge financial loss for the company due to incompletion of deal as scheduled.

After a few days, one of the employees in the office of Mr. Scott gave him a bad news about the couple. Saying that, “Sir, we were cheated by that couple, they were a fraud. They are neither married nor do they have any child. In fact, cops have reported same cases of fraud that has happened with us. It is very sad to learn that by being victim of this fraud we have not only lost $30000 but also a profitable business deal.”

“Are you serious?” Mr. Scott, who was amazed, replied. “Yes sir, I am 100% sure.” the employee retorted.

“You mean to say that there is no such child that was dying due to incurable illness?” Said Mr. Scott

“That’s absolutely true sir”, employee replied

With a big sigh Mr. Scott said “Ohhh… Thank god… There is no such child… believe me that was THE BAD NEWS that I have ever heard.”

“Forget about the financial loss. Money can be earned back but not a life of a person. I am really feeling at ease now with a good news that you gave. Your good news really defeated the bad news that I heard few days back. And victory of good over bad is most important.”

The employee left Mr. Scott’s cabin with a reverential smile and a lesson of life. That is…

“Life is all about searching for good from scraps of bad.”

And friends, that’s how different perspective over bad things makes you different personality.

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‘Mr. Right’… Now


A successful CEO was passing through the dark streets one evening in his Mercedes. As was his routine, the Mercedes moved at a fast pace when all of a sudden, it was hit by a stone that smashed into the door of the car. He hurried out in anger but was shocked and amazed to learn that a girl aged 12­-13 had thrown that stone. He yelled at her. “Who are you? What the hell you did? Do you have any idea of how much it will cost to repair these scratches?”

The teary-eyed girl pleaded, “I am sorry Sir for all this, but I didn’t know what else to do”. She pointed to a place where a handicapped woman had fallen down from her wheelchair. “She is my mother. We were returning home while she rolled off the curb and fell down. I tried a lot but it was too difficult for me to pick her up all by myself and help her back into her wheelchair. So, I would be obliged if you could help me”.

She added, “Actually for a very long time, I have been signaling and yelling out to the passing vehicles to stop and notice us. But those vehicles were either very fast or their windows were closed. So, no one noticed me and my humble plea. How I could not get even a single person to listen me? Hence, I had no other option but to use stone to get your attention.”

In the above incident all the girl wanted, was for someone who would pay a little attention and take a moment off their busy lives, to stop and listen to her. But she was compelled to take that step as a last resort.  In the story the girl and the CEO were strangers and that’s why the CEO’s inattention resulted merely in scratches on the car. But do we ever think about scratches that result in our relationships and subsequently in life due to unknowingly committing similar mistakes?

In a relationship, we often want to be perfect for our loved one and sincerely make every effort, work hard to be a successful, with an intention to make sure that your loved one is happy with you. We look to build a secure life around them and fill their lives with every conceivable materialistic requirements to ensure they have everything they possibly need. We try to do the best we can and be the best we can be. In other words, we often attempt to be ‘Mr. Right’.

But the question is, how often we contemplate about the emotional support that our loved one may ask for and that too when they desperately need a listening ear?

Sometimes situations arise in life where more than materialistic requirements, your loved one needs your attention. They might just want to tell you something, bring something into your notice that they find difficult to handle all by themselves or share something with you, for which probably you’re the only person. And sometimes it manifests in silently indicating, signaling and yelling to seek your attention.

If we keep ourselves so busy and engage in trying to achieve materialistic ends and running at such a fast pace on the street of our life that is too by keeping our ears closed like windows of those vehicles. Then probably your loved one has no other option but to make a scratch in your life, throwing a stone of their suppressed emotions. And the cost of repairing these scratches cannot be measured in monetary terms.

So friends, be alert and alive. Don’t go through your life so fast that your own dear one has to throw a stone towards you to get your attention.

In that case just being ‘Mr. Right’ is not enough… You need start being to be ‘Mr. Right Now’….!!!

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The Stable Earth…!!!

Earth for blog

Strange..? I am sure you are quite surprised by the irony of the title of the article.  You must be wondering how the earth can be called stable as since the time we were kids in school, most of the subjects we were taught told us that rotating and revolving are important features of the earth. Yes, now it’s time to go back to the science lab and stand in front of that dummy model of the universe to learn an untaught, but a very beautiful lesson of life by the earth.

We, as individuals, sometimes dream about having a happy and stable life. In bad situations we often say, “There is no stability in my life” or “I want to get stable now”. The definition of stability might vary from person to person. But let’s take a closer look at magic of term STABILITY.

The question here is, why do we want to have stability in our life? And what exactly is it that we will achieve after reaching that level of stability? Now imagine a situation where the earth on which we are living, has forgotten its features of rotating and revolving, and now is completely stable. Envisage a stable earth… one half of it is always facing the sun, in terribly hot conditions. And half of it is in complete darkness. What do you think would happen? We don’t need certificates from science to know that every single living being including trees, shrubs, insects and we human beings exist and survive on earth because of its characteristic of being unstable.

Crops that grow on the soil of the earth can produce the food we eat, due to constant changes and unstable processes. A seed grows into a tree and that tree becomes the source of another seed through fruits due to lots of unstable developments. Marine lives flourish because of never-ending processes of high tide and low tide. Birds and animals that sometimes attract us cannot stay on single offshoot or remain indefinitely in same area of a jungle. And the earth consistently works in this manner 24 x 7 x 12 months x ‘n’ number of years.

Hence, the sole reason we exist on earth are the constant changes & unstable characteristics of nature. Now let us stop and think for just a moment that the very planet on which we live and survive is not stable due to its constant rotation and revolution, what kind of stability do we then expect in our life and lifestyle?

Instead of asking for stability of life why don’t we ask for the productivity like crops that feed others? By breaking seed of our potential why can’t we convert ourselves in the persevering individuals, who could also become a source of motivation to our near and dear ones? Let us embrace our life with all of its ups and downs, like the sea with its high tide and low tide because, that is what keeps us alive. Sitting on a single offshoot, will make you forget that you can fly. So, break the branch which makes you feel stable and move ahead. Remember you need to do this… 24 x 7 x 12 months x ‘n’ number of years.

Life is actually formed and stimulated in the very process of being unstable. Because, a new birth take place in a mother’s womb due to lots of constant changes. And the only place to find a completely stable person is probably the cemetery.


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Journey of the Train..!!


The train… departs from one station with an objective to arrive at its destination. We often travel by train. It does not matter if the distance is short or long, but the question is have we observed the biggest lessons of life that the train teaches us?

As a person, we must have had experiences where some people who have been a part of our lives in the past, are not part of our present. Or, we may have some important persons as a part of our present that may not necessarily remain a part of our future. These could be our friends, relatives, partner or someone we are close to, minus the tag of a relationship.

We often have an emotional attachment in some way or the other with people who become a part of our life. In some cases, the level of attachment to the person is higher. Sometimes, it might be to the extent that as soon as a person is out of our life; whatever the reason, we find it difficult to come to terms with the absence of the person. We keep reminiscing over and over again about all our bittersweet memories. Even for a single second we find it hard to keep the person out of our thoughts. And surprisingly we just don’t realize when those seconds get converted into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into a day, days into weeks, weeks into month and no wonder sometimes few months into a year.

My question is, how productive have we been by consistently thinking about the person who is not part of our life anymore and by the same token never might be a part of our lives in future? And if the answer is nothing, then the next question is what we can do to be a happy thinker of our life? We would do well to find this answer in that of a train.

Every train departs from its origin with a motivation to reach at predetermined goal or a destination. At the origin point, few people board it, who probably get off after few stations, where other passengers are eagerly waiting to board the train. After a few stations even they get off and train is again filled with new passengers. And the process continues till the train reach its goal.

Imagine what would happen if the train refused to move ahead in the path of her journey and kept regretting that her passengers who was with her in the journey, got off and moved along their own paths. Will achievement of the final destination be possible? Probably NO… Hence the train keeps on moving ahead with a higher speed with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction that for whatever be the duration of those passengers being part of the journey, the train could contribute and added value to their lives.

Our life is similar to this. We all are born to design and achieve our destiny. In our journey, towards our destiny few people are with us for some time and then leave. Does it mean we should stop the journey? And feel regret all the time just by thinking about the person who left us half way, for whatever reason? According to me, absolutely not. Think of it in this way that the design of your destiny allows that person to be with you only for that particular period with a sole intention to teach you another lesson of life. And be grateful, happy and satisfied that whatever may be the duration, you could contribute and add value to the life of the other person.

So just make an announcement from the train of your life… THANK YOU for the journey with me, wish them the very best for the future. And you proceed towards your destination. Because, on the next platform there are a whole lot of new passengers eagerly waiting for you. And you deserve to be at your destination.

So friends, Life has to move on… Sometimes with moments that please us and sometimes with lessons that it teach us.


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The Puppet show… A Reflection of Life…!!


Two days ago, I got my first opportunity to watch a puppet show. It might sound strange but true that it took 29 years to see the first puppet show of my life. Even though it might seem too late, I am grateful that my first opportunity came at a perfect time. Had I watched it in my childhood; I would have looked at it as merely a mode of entertainment. Watching it this time taught me a true, simple and beautiful lesson in life.

There was a puppet of the tiger with various invisible strings attached on all parts of its body; having a common control of all threads at another end in the hands of the person operating it. The Puppeteer had 25 years of experience in operating puppets in the show. The style and manner in which he operated puppets was so precise and accurate; that it got the audience a feeling of watching a real tiger perform. And that’s why the tiger’s performance got a standing ovation.

With curiosity, when after the show, I went to back stage to meet artists and see puppets, I was amazed to learn that the puppet of the tiger was attached with 27 strings and that too in a manner so complex, yet interdependent on each other.

At that very moment I found a huge similarity between those puppets and our lives as human beings. We as individuals are also attached with various invisible strings that represent our career, responsibilities, relations and several elements of personal and professional life which are complex in nature, yet interdependent on each other. The locomotion in each string determines our performance in the world that is our stage.

Sometimes, we might find a situation (string) of our life, that is not favorable and that could possibly hurt us a lot. But, always remember that the other end of the string is in the hands of a divine power who has vast experience as an operator of the performance. Thus, it knows how to operate punctually and accurately. Further, sometimes that power wants you to hurt because it wants you to perform well and get blossoms of words of appreciation, applauded and standing ovation by people around you. You may call this power whatever you like… Nature… Universe… God… anything…!!

In simple words, I call it THE POWER OF BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

So friends, No worrying… Keep performing…

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