The Bad News…!!


It was a normal day in New York City, where a rich businessman, Mr. Scott, who was also famous for his kindness and philanthropic activities reached his office. He was engaged in important business meetings with foreign delegates in his cabin when he suddenly listened to the cry and yell of a man and a woman from his office premises. Leaving the meeting half-way he came out of his cabin and was shocked to see that his office staff was having argument with a couple in a scruffy cloths who wanted to meet Mr. Scott. Making his way through the office staff, Mr. Scott went ahead to meet that couple and asked for their concerns.

“We are very poor people” the man said, “And hence, we do not have any strong financial support. Our 3 years old child is suffering with incurable disease and doctors are not hopeful as well. The only way is to make a last try by surgery which is going to cost for more than $30000. We need to deposit the amount in the hospital by evening, otherwise, the situation may become worse. We beg you to help us for our child. He just took birth in this world and god is taking away our child from us.”

Touched by the couple’s story, Mr. Scott personally took efforts and immediately handed over cash of $30000/- to the couple and prayed to god for the wellness of their child. Expressing gratitude towards Mr. Scott, couple took the money and left the office.

All these incidents took an hour to resolve and the delegates who were waiting in the cabin of Mr. Scott also packed up the meeting half way as they were getting late to catch their flight. It resulted in an unsuccessful meeting and a huge financial loss for the company due to incompletion of deal as scheduled.

After a few days, one of the employees in the office of Mr. Scott gave him a bad news about the couple. Saying that, “Sir, we were cheated by that couple, they were a fraud. They are neither married nor do they have any child. In fact, cops have reported same cases of fraud that has happened with us. It is very sad to learn that by being victim of this fraud we have not only lost $30000 but also a profitable business deal.”

“Are you serious?” Mr. Scott, who was amazed, replied. “Yes sir, I am 100% sure.” the employee retorted.

“You mean to say that there is no such child that was dying due to incurable illness?” Said Mr. Scott

“That’s absolutely true sir”, employee replied

With a big sigh Mr. Scott said “Ohhh… Thank god… There is no such child… believe me that was THE BAD NEWS that I have ever heard.”

“Forget about the financial loss. Money can be earned back but not a life of a person. I am really feeling at ease now with a good news that you gave. Your good news really defeated the bad news that I heard few days back. And victory of good over bad is most important.”

The employee left Mr. Scott’s cabin with a reverential smile and a lesson of life. That is…

“Life is all about searching for good from scraps of bad.”

And friends, that’s how different perspective over bad things makes you different personality.

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