‘Mr. Right’… Now


A successful CEO was passing through the dark streets one evening in his Mercedes. As was his routine, the Mercedes moved at a fast pace when all of a sudden, it was hit by a stone that smashed into the door of the car. He hurried out in anger but was shocked and amazed to learn that a girl aged 12­-13 had thrown that stone. He yelled at her. “Who are you? What the hell you did? Do you have any idea of how much it will cost to repair these scratches?”

The teary-eyed girl pleaded, “I am sorry Sir for all this, but I didn’t know what else to do”. She pointed to a place where a handicapped woman had fallen down from her wheelchair. “She is my mother. We were returning home while she rolled off the curb and fell down. I tried a lot but it was too difficult for me to pick her up all by myself and help her back into her wheelchair. So, I would be obliged if you could help me”.

She added, “Actually for a very long time, I have been signaling and yelling out to the passing vehicles to stop and notice us. But those vehicles were either very fast or their windows were closed. So, no one noticed me and my humble plea. How I could not get even a single person to listen me? Hence, I had no other option but to use stone to get your attention.”

In the above incident all the girl wanted, was for someone who would pay a little attention and take a moment off their busy lives, to stop and listen to her. But she was compelled to take that step as a last resort.  In the story the girl and the CEO were strangers and that’s why the CEO’s inattention resulted merely in scratches on the car. But do we ever think about scratches that result in our relationships and subsequently in life due to unknowingly committing similar mistakes?

In a relationship, we often want to be perfect for our loved one and sincerely make every effort, work hard to be a successful, with an intention to make sure that your loved one is happy with you. We look to build a secure life around them and fill their lives with every conceivable materialistic requirements to ensure they have everything they possibly need. We try to do the best we can and be the best we can be. In other words, we often attempt to be ‘Mr. Right’.

But the question is, how often we contemplate about the emotional support that our loved one may ask for and that too when they desperately need a listening ear?

Sometimes situations arise in life where more than materialistic requirements, your loved one needs your attention. They might just want to tell you something, bring something into your notice that they find difficult to handle all by themselves or share something with you, for which probably you’re the only person. And sometimes it manifests in silently indicating, signaling and yelling to seek your attention.

If we keep ourselves so busy and engage in trying to achieve materialistic ends and running at such a fast pace on the street of our life that is too by keeping our ears closed like windows of those vehicles. Then probably your loved one has no other option but to make a scratch in your life, throwing a stone of their suppressed emotions. And the cost of repairing these scratches cannot be measured in monetary terms.

So friends, be alert and alive. Don’t go through your life so fast that your own dear one has to throw a stone towards you to get your attention.

In that case just being ‘Mr. Right’ is not enough… You need start being to be ‘Mr. Right Now’….!!!

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2 thoughts on “‘Mr. Right’… Now

  1. meena galliara

    Great !!!😊

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  2. Very nice.

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