The Stable Earth…!!!

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Strange..? I am sure you are quite surprised by the irony of the title of the article.  You must be wondering how the earth can be called stable as since the time we were kids in school, most of the subjects we were taught told us that rotating and revolving are important features of the earth. Yes, now it’s time to go back to the science lab and stand in front of that dummy model of the universe to learn an untaught, but a very beautiful lesson of life by the earth.

We, as individuals, sometimes dream about having a happy and stable life. In bad situations we often say, “There is no stability in my life” or “I want to get stable now”. The definition of stability might vary from person to person. But let’s take a closer look at magic of term STABILITY.

The question here is, why do we want to have stability in our life? And what exactly is it that we will achieve after reaching that level of stability? Now imagine a situation where the earth on which we are living, has forgotten its features of rotating and revolving, and now is completely stable. Envisage a stable earth… one half of it is always facing the sun, in terribly hot conditions. And half of it is in complete darkness. What do you think would happen? We don’t need certificates from science to know that every single living being including trees, shrubs, insects and we human beings exist and survive on earth because of its characteristic of being unstable.

Crops that grow on the soil of the earth can produce the food we eat, due to constant changes and unstable processes. A seed grows into a tree and that tree becomes the source of another seed through fruits due to lots of unstable developments. Marine lives flourish because of never-ending processes of high tide and low tide. Birds and animals that sometimes attract us cannot stay on single offshoot or remain indefinitely in same area of a jungle. And the earth consistently works in this manner 24 x 7 x 12 months x ‘n’ number of years.

Hence, the sole reason we exist on earth are the constant changes & unstable characteristics of nature. Now let us stop and think for just a moment that the very planet on which we live and survive is not stable due to its constant rotation and revolution, what kind of stability do we then expect in our life and lifestyle?

Instead of asking for stability of life why don’t we ask for the productivity like crops that feed others? By breaking seed of our potential why can’t we convert ourselves in the persevering individuals, who could also become a source of motivation to our near and dear ones? Let us embrace our life with all of its ups and downs, like the sea with its high tide and low tide because, that is what keeps us alive. Sitting on a single offshoot, will make you forget that you can fly. So, break the branch which makes you feel stable and move ahead. Remember you need to do this… 24 x 7 x 12 months x ‘n’ number of years.

Life is actually formed and stimulated in the very process of being unstable. Because, a new birth take place in a mother’s womb due to lots of constant changes. And the only place to find a completely stable person is probably the cemetery.


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