Journey of the Train..!!


The train… departs from one station with an objective to arrive at its destination. We often travel by train. It does not matter if the distance is short or long, but the question is have we observed the biggest lessons of life that the train teaches us?

As a person, we must have had experiences where some people who have been a part of our lives in the past, are not part of our present. Or, we may have some important persons as a part of our present that may not necessarily remain a part of our future. These could be our friends, relatives, partner or someone we are close to, minus the tag of a relationship.

We often have an emotional attachment in some way or the other with people who become a part of our life. In some cases, the level of attachment to the person is higher. Sometimes, it might be to the extent that as soon as a person is out of our life; whatever the reason, we find it difficult to come to terms with the absence of the person. We keep reminiscing over and over again about all our bittersweet memories. Even for a single second we find it hard to keep the person out of our thoughts. And surprisingly we just don’t realize when those seconds get converted into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into a day, days into weeks, weeks into month and no wonder sometimes few months into a year.

My question is, how productive have we been by consistently thinking about the person who is not part of our life anymore and by the same token never might be a part of our lives in future? And if the answer is nothing, then the next question is what we can do to be a happy thinker of our life? We would do well to find this answer in that of a train.

Every train departs from its origin with a motivation to reach at predetermined goal or a destination. At the origin point, few people board it, who probably get off after few stations, where other passengers are eagerly waiting to board the train. After a few stations even they get off and train is again filled with new passengers. And the process continues till the train reach its goal.

Imagine what would happen if the train refused to move ahead in the path of her journey and kept regretting that her passengers who was with her in the journey, got off and moved along their own paths. Will achievement of the final destination be possible? Probably NO… Hence the train keeps on moving ahead with a higher speed with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction that for whatever be the duration of those passengers being part of the journey, the train could contribute and added value to their lives.

Our life is similar to this. We all are born to design and achieve our destiny. In our journey, towards our destiny few people are with us for some time and then leave. Does it mean we should stop the journey? And feel regret all the time just by thinking about the person who left us half way, for whatever reason? According to me, absolutely not. Think of it in this way that the design of your destiny allows that person to be with you only for that particular period with a sole intention to teach you another lesson of life. And be grateful, happy and satisfied that whatever may be the duration, you could contribute and add value to the life of the other person.

So just make an announcement from the train of your life… THANK YOU for the journey with me, wish them the very best for the future. And you proceed towards your destination. Because, on the next platform there are a whole lot of new passengers eagerly waiting for you. And you deserve to be at your destination.

So friends, Life has to move on… Sometimes with moments that please us and sometimes with lessons that it teach us.


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6 thoughts on “Journey of the Train..!!

  1. Enlighten everyone you meet in your journey of life with the light of your love and kindness .

    unforgettable students ( My class 8/1- 1998)


    • Unforgettable class teacher… !! 🙂
      We are very greatful for all contribution that you made in our life…!!
      We all really miss you ma’am… 🙂


  2. Rahmad Adi Wijaya

    The journey of the train reminds me of my own journey. I’ve met many different people in the journey. They all contribute to shape my characters and build who I am today. Thus, I always try to maintain a good relationship with them.

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  3. meena galliara

    Wonderful ! Very insightful and motivating!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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