The Puppet show… A Reflection of Life…!!


Two days ago, I got my first opportunity to watch a puppet show. It might sound strange but true that it took 29 years to see the first puppet show of my life. Even though it might seem too late, I am grateful that my first opportunity came at a perfect time. Had I watched it in my childhood; I would have looked at it as merely a mode of entertainment. Watching it this time taught me a true, simple and beautiful lesson in life.

There was a puppet of the tiger with various invisible strings attached on all parts of its body; having a common control of all threads at another end in the hands of the person operating it. The Puppeteer had 25 years of experience in operating puppets in the show. The style and manner in which he operated puppets was so precise and accurate; that it got the audience a feeling of watching a real tiger perform. And that’s why the tiger’s performance got a standing ovation.

With curiosity, when after the show, I went to back stage to meet artists and see puppets, I was amazed to learn that the puppet of the tiger was attached with 27 strings and that too in a manner so complex, yet interdependent on each other.

At that very moment I found a huge similarity between those puppets and our lives as human beings. We as individuals are also attached with various invisible strings that represent our career, responsibilities, relations and several elements of personal and professional life which are complex in nature, yet interdependent on each other. The locomotion in each string determines our performance in the world that is our stage.

Sometimes, we might find a situation (string) of our life, that is not favorable and that could possibly hurt us a lot. But, always remember that the other end of the string is in the hands of a divine power who has vast experience as an operator of the performance. Thus, it knows how to operate punctually and accurately. Further, sometimes that power wants you to hurt because it wants you to perform well and get blossoms of words of appreciation, applauded and standing ovation by people around you. You may call this power whatever you like… Nature… Universe… God… anything…!!

In simple words, I call it THE POWER OF BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

So friends, No worrying… Keep performing…

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3 thoughts on “The Puppet show… A Reflection of Life…!!

  1. Wonderful presentation and nice perception.Keep it up!

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  2. Shabdagandha

    Hi Adesh, Well put! Keep writing! All the best!

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  3. meena galliara

    Great write up. Enjoyed reading it.

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